The first Node.js Secure Development Training

Just a few days ago the ^Lift Security team hosted the first Node.js Secure Development Training in Portland, OR. This training effort is the culmination of years helping teams to ship better, more secure code, exposing best practices and techniques, and helping developers be more confident in themselves while building web apps.

The training was hosted at The Cleaners, an amazing space in downtown Portland.

The Cleaners

Despite the beautiful weather (especially for Portland), everyone stayed engaged, learning about how to find, exploit and fix many different kinds of vulnerabilities that often plague web apps.

We’re really proud of this awesome group of people who spent the day with us to help themselves become better developers than they were the day before.

Class Photo The first class photo.

This session was open to both individual developers and small teams looking to learn together. If you want to bring this training to your company or if you are looking for a customized approach from trainers taking careful consideration of your Node.js stack, email and we’ll chat.

We want to give special thanks to Tracy Abrahms, Ben Acker, Adam Ulvi, Amber Case, Anthony Falco and to PDXnode for participating and helping us bring the training to the Portland Node Community. Their support was crucial in making this first training happen.

The curated experience and the incredible swag wouldn’t be possible without the support our fantastic team at &yet, a big <3 to Jenn, Amy and Mel for orchestrating this amazing journey with us.

We hope to see you at the next event!

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