Continuous Security with Travis-Ci and requireSafe

If you are using Travis Ci it should take you about 30 seconds to add requireSafe to start continually monitoring your apps for known security vulnerabilities.

If you haven't used Travis before, be sure to check out the docs for how to get started and then dive in to adding requireSafe.

Let's get started.

First add requiresafe as a dev dependency by typing npm i requiresafe --save-dev

Next add a script to your package.json to allow npm to run requiresafe check. Ours looks something like this:

"scripts": { "test": "lab -a code -t 100 -L", "requiresafe": "requiresafe check" },

Finally add requiresafe to your .travis.yml file before_script: - npm run requiresafe

When your builds run it will now use requiresafe check to determine. Hopefully they come out looking clean like this.

We hope you enjoy using requireSafe and Travis for continuous security. Send any feedback you have to

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