requireSafe CLI v2.3.0 Now Available

requiresafe v2.3.0 was just published and includes a small pile of updates implemented by Nathan LaFreniere based on the feedback by pdehaan and naugtur.

Here is a summary of the updates.

  • added summary formatter similar to the nsp client
  • added vulnerable and patched version display to default formatter
  • cleaned up version numbers for unpatched modules in formatters
  • added --warn-only flag to check command
  • moved linting configuration to a central module, eslint-config-requiresafe
  • removed the scoped dependency for npm < 2.7 support
  • cleaned up the shrinkwrap file

And a bit more detail for some of the more exciting features.

Summary Formatter

Here is an example of this formatter in action!

Cleaned up version numbers for unpatched modules in formatters

In some instances where thre was no patched version of the client and all versions were vulnerable, really ugly semver's were displayed. Now it says "all" and "none"


That's it for today. We're very grateful for the continued feedback and will do the best we can to make requireSafe stable and useful for you.

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